Joint Class at Huntington Hospital

The key to great surgical outcomes is preparation, not just by your excellent orthopedic surgeon but by you as well. Huntington Hospital's unique pre-operative education class, or Joint Class, will provide you with the background information you need.

Our Joint Class is free and we welcome everyone to join, whether you are having your joint surgery with us or somewhere else.

Attending in person is always best, but we do have the ability to provide Joint Class materials by email. Fill out the form below to request the materials.

Attend Joint Class at Huntington Hospital

Click our flyer to find a class date that fits your schedule and sign up by calling (626) 397-3797.

Joint Class Schedule Joint Class Flyer

Get our Joint Class materials

We want everyone to be prepared for their joint replacement surgery. If you can't make our Joint Class in person, sign up here and we can send you our Joint Class educational materials at no cost.

Please fill out the form below and we will send the materials shortly.

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