Chemical Dependency Recovery Center

Welcome to the Chemical Dependency Recovery Center (CDRC) at Huntington Hospital. We offer both inpatient and outpatient programs to help end the cycle of addiction. The inpatient recovery program is a medically supervised detoxification and rehabilitation, twelve-step based program to teach you and your family about the nature of addictive diseases. Our outpatient program offers day services for adults with chemical dependencies who are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms. We will assist you in developing a personal program that will serve as a foundation for lifelong recovery from the bondage of addiction.

Contact us with any questions at (626) 397-2323.

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We provide the best in medical care, expert addictionologists and the latest evidence-based practices known to specialists in this field.

As treatment begins, patients will meet with counselors, nurses and other clinicians. The staff will ask questions about your medical history, prior treatment, alcohol and drug history and your current life situation. Confidentiality is maintained with utmost respect. We make every effort to keep our patients safe and comfortable, recognizing the challenge often associated with undertaking treatment of this nature. We applaud your effort and we are here to help.

The Chemical Dependency Recovery Center at Huntington Hospital will address the basic components of recovery which are tied to medical/physical, psychosocial relationships and spirituality. There are a number of treatment modalities included in the program to address each area.

Inpatient Program:

As treatment begins, a safe withdrawal will be the primary concern of your medical team. Physicians collaborate with the treatment team to ensure patients receive the best medical care possible when progressing through the detoxification phase of treatment. The nursing staff will closely monitor vital signs, medication needs, sleep patterns and nutritional intake, among other key aspects of your care. Most individuals will still be able to attend groups and begin assignments during this phase of treatment. Patients are assigned a counselor and are provided a workbook and other assignments when therapeutically appropriate.

There are several different types of groups to attend throughout the treatment process. These groups are designed to address the most frequently encountered barriers patients face in the recovery process. We also provide a number of educational groups for patients and family members to better understand addiction. In addition to group therapy modalities, patient’s have access to a full gym, Pet Assisted Therapy, massage therapy, music therapy, yoga and many sessions of individual one-to-one therapy. There will be in-house twelve-step meetings and resources to help bridge the transition to twelve-step meetings in your community. Our goal is to assist with reintegration and provide support for ongoing recovery once our patients leave the hospital.

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