Chemical Dependency Recovery Center

Welcome to the Chemical Dependency Recovery Center (CDRC) at Huntington Hospital. We offer both inpatient and outpatient programs to help end the cycle of addiction, including the Los Angeles area’s only acute medical detox program in a major hospital setting.

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A note from Alix Nassiri, DO, medical director of CDRC

Alix Nassiri, DO

"It is both heartbreaking and overwhelming to see a friend or family member face addition. Our expert, addiction-medicine physicians and nurses offer the most current, evidence-based practices to ensure you have the safest and most comfortable care. Our goal is to provide our patients and their loved ones with the tools for lifelong recovery."

– Alix Nassiri, DO, medical director, CDRC

CDRC Program Overview

Inpatient Programs

Acute Medical Detox

Our acute medical detox program is located in a very private, designated and separate medical on the campus of Huntington Hospital, and provides the highest level of detox services. We are proud to be the only major hospital in the Los Angeles area that currently provides this service.

An acute medical detox program is fully medically supervised under the direct supervision of an Addiction Medicine physician, along with 24-hour nursing care by RNs trained to care for the patient with substance or alcohol use disorders, and co-occurring disorders. Our patients receive full access to all medical amenities, including IV medications, IV fluids and access to labs, imaging, diagnostic testing, and other ancillary services as needed. We also have the ability to elevate the level of care needed to more intensive levels such as telemetry or ICU in rare occasions when these are needed, while continuing the detox process. During the detox stay, patients will have the support of their entire clinical team, including therapists, counselors and case managers who will help the patient navigate and plan all aftercare.

As an institution that utilizes ASAM guidelines, we remain committed to individually tailoring each patient’s treatment plan, and creating aftercare programs unique for each patient. This may range from Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), harm-reduction, abstinence-based treatment, CBT-based care, or encouraging social model programs such as 12-step based, refuge recovery, or Smart recovery.

Learn About Our Program

A Huntington Hospital, we pride ourselves in providing the best medical care in the recovery field. Our expert addiction medicine physicians utilize the most current evidence-based practices to ensure you have the safest and most comfortable care during your detox stay.

As treatment begins, patients will meet with nurses, counselors, therapists and other clinicians to help you create a unique treatment plan conducive to your care. The staff will ask questions about your medical history, prior treatment, alcohol and drug history, and your current life dynamics. Confidentiality is maintained with the utmost respect. We make every effort to keep our patients safe and comfortable, recognizing the challenge often associated with undertaking treatment of this nature. We applaud your effort and we are here to help.

The CDRC center at Huntington Hospital will address the basic components of recovery which are tied to medical/physical, psycho-social, and underlying causes and disorders, that lead to addiction. We will help treat and minimize any symptoms of withdrawal to ensure you have the most comfortable, safe and reaffirming stay possible. We will also help you identify the best path toward recovery for you, and provide medication assisted treatment and tapers upon discharge, when appropriate.

Inpatient Program

While safe withdrawal will be the primary concern of your medical team, most individuals will still be able to attend groups, participate in therapy and begin the self-reflection and evaluation needed to initiate and plan the future phases of recovery. Patients are assigned a case manager and are provided a workbook and other assignments when therapeutically appropriate.

In addition to varying groups available to patients to participate in, they will also have access to one-on-one counseling and therapy. These sessions are aimed at helping with relapse prevention, and addressing frequently encountered barriers patients face in the recovery process. We also provide a number of educational groups for patients and family members to better understand addiction.

In addition to group therapy modalities, patients have access to a full gym, Pet Assisted Therapy, and possibly massage therapy, music therapy, yoga and many sessions of intensive individual one-to-one therapy. Our goal is to help with reintegration and provide support for ongoing recovery once our patients leave the hospital. We work in tandem with each patient to help them determine where and what kind of aftercare facility or program they want to participate in once they discharge from the hospital.

Outpatient Programs

Our Outpatient (IOP &PHP) program offers day services for adults with chemical dependencies and co-occurring disorders, who seek post detox supportive services to reinforce their recovery. We will assist you in developing a personal program that will serve as a foundation for lifelong recovery and help address the underlying causes that lead to addiction.

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