Huntington Senior Care Network

Best Hospitals US NewsHuntington Senior Care Network is a nationally recognized not-for-profit program that has helped older adults and adults with disabilities and their families remain healthy and independent since 1984.

In 2019, U.S. News & World Report recognized us as high-performing in Geriatrics. You can learn more about our U.S. News & World Report rankings in our press release here.

We are a department of Pasadena’s Huntington Hospital, a 619-bed nonprofit community hospital that provides a full range of medical services from basic health care to highly specialized programs.

Our community-based team includes over 30 staff and additional volunteers and students. Together we serve more than 600 community members with the ultimate goal of helping seniors live safely in their homes.

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We recently moved to a new home on the Huntington Hospital campus. Our upgraded office space further supports the work we do to help our community’s older adults, adults with disabilities and family caregivers remain healthy and independent. We look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come.

Services for Seniors

Our mission at Senior Care Network is to positively impact the health and well-being of adults in our community throughout the care continuum. Comprised mainly of social workers and public health nurses, the Senior Care Network team provides our community with the following programs, resources and support:

  • Our programs and care coordination. Senior Care Network programs include the care coordination program and our 50+ Health Connection membership program.
  • Support and resources. Speak to a Resource Center staff member, learn about caregiver support, and find resources on aging for professionals, aging adults and caregivers.
  • Events. Senior Care Network events include Noon Hour lectures by physicians, AARP Smart Driver events and other reservation-required special events.
  • Publications. Check out our 50+ Health Connection newsletter, Senior Care Network annual reports and other publications.

For more information, call Huntington Senior Care Network at (626) 397-3110 or (800) 664-4664.

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Upcoming programs and lectures

Noon Hour temporary location change.

Noon Hours usually take place in the Braun Auditorium, but due to the current construction, the events have been moved to the Huntington Medical Research Institutes (HMRI) building located across the street from the hospital at 686 South Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91105. These educational events will be held in the 1st floor conference room.

You can park in the HMRI parking lot for free. The parking lot is located north of HMRI at Pico St. (cross street is Fair Oaks Avenue). HMRI has graciously donated the use of their auditorium for these educational events.

For reservations, please call (626) 397-3147.

An optional box lunch, which is served starting at noon, may be reserved for $8.00 (cash or check only). Please place your order by Monday before the event.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2020. Beyond the advance healthcare directive: Help your decisionmaker before the need arises.

Many of us have an advance healthcare directive — but is it enough? Attorney and ethicistChris Wilson, RN, will join us to discuss additional ways you can convey your wishes to your agent, so he/she can carry them out should you become ill or injured.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2020. Medicare 2020 from A to D.

Aileen Harper, director of the Center for Health Care Rights, will provide information about Medicare changes in 2020.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2020. Risk factors for heart disease and how to manage them.

Join us for a review of the major risk factors for developing coronary artery disease, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, smoking, diabetes and others.Robert A. Kloner, MD, PhD, chief science officer, vice president of translation and director of Cardiovascular Research Institute at HMRI will be our speaker. He will also provide information about lifestyle modifications, well-studied pharmacologic therapies and other common-sense ways to support your heart health.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2020. New treatment options for cardiovascular risk reduction.

In honor of American Heart Month, interventional cardiologist Gregory Giesler, MD, will talk about the latest treatment options for patients who have irregular heart rhythms or who have suffered a heart attack.

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Be sure to visit our unique resale shop, Huntington Collection. We resell beautiful donated and consignment items, with all funds raised benefiting Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network.

Huntington Collection

History & Funding

In 1984, Huntington Hospital received a generous bequest from the Margaret Bundy Scott Trust. The Trust agreed to an ambitious proposal to create a safety net for aging well that would fill critical resource gaps and bring fragmented services into "a totally integrated life-care system."

With the Trust providing the crucial support for an extensive planning and development effort, Senior Care Network formally began on December 1, 1984. In the first year, the hospital, its medical staff and the professional services community laid the foundation for a cooperative community network. Core programs supported by public and private funds, cutting-edge projects and planning grants were put in place. Huntington Senior Care Network, one of only a few hospital-based programs of its type, soon developed a local and national reputation for innovation, quality care and aging expertise.

Today the original concept of a "one-call service" that promotes health and planning for longevity, assists with connection to community resources, and enhances the skills of those who provide care is as timely as ever. Reaching thousands of individuals annually, Huntington Senior Care Network remains a model community care program meeting the diverse needs of older adults, adults with disabilities and their families.

Huntington Senior Care Network is a nonprofit program supported by public and private funds, fees and contributions. Funding is augmented through proceeds of the Huntington Collection, the hospital's resale and consignment shop.

Contributions are an important part of our ability to provide needed services. To help support the work of Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network, contact the office of philanthropy at (626) 397-3241.