The DAISY 2017 Award Winners

Huntington Hospital launched the DAISY Award in 2011, and more recently celebrated five years of DAISY.

We are proud to highlight our most recent DAISY Award winners from 2017!

Alyssa Banuelos, RN

November winner: Alyssa Banuelos, RN

Elena Benson, RN

October winner: Elena Benson, RN

Jean Deng, RN

September winner: Melody Loong, RN

Jean Deng, RN

August winner: Noel Leocadio, RN

Jean Deng, RN

July winner: Jean Deng, RN

Gabriela Pinedo, RN

June winner: Christopher Ernst, RN

Gabriela Pinedo, RN

May winner: Gabriela Pinedo, RN

Regina St. Brigid, RN

April winner: Regina St. Brigid, RN

Miriam Russom, RN

March winner: Miriam Russom, RN

Crystal McHale, RN portrait

February winner: Crystal McHale, RN

Charlotte Landon, RN

January winner: Charlotte Landon, RN

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