Unit 3 Drive-Up Testing

Unit 3 Drive-Up Testing Location Directions:

If you have been directed to Unit 3 for Drive-Up COVID-19 testing, please follow one of these two routes.

Route 1: S. Fair Oaks to Bellefontaine: The best route for accessing the Unit 3 testing is to follow S. Fair Oaks to Bellefontaine, right onto Bellefontaine. Turn right into the parking lot.

Route 2: Pasadena to Bellefontaine: The other option is to use Pasadena to Bellefontaine, right onto Bellefontaine. Turn left into the parking lot.

When you arrive, push the red button to let security know that you have arrived for Unit 3 Testing. Then follow the red signs. Do not exit your vehicle, a nurse will come to your car to assist you.

Note – if you see Emergency Department tents, those are not related to Unit 3 Testing.

If you get lost or need additional directions, please call (626) 710-6073.