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Huntington Baby Sweet Success

What is Sweet Success at Huntington Hospital?

Sweet Success is a program promoting healthy outcomes for women with diabetes in pregnancy. Diabetes in pregnancy affects approximately 200,000 women nationwide each year. The good news is diabetes in pregnancy can be managed with lifestyle, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Meet Your Sweet Success Team

sweet success team members

Our multi-disciplinary team provides compassionate, high quality care to women with prediabetes, diabetes, or diagnosed gestational diabetes who are pregnant or considering getting pregnant.

Martha Amparan, RNC-OB, CDE (pictured left), is the Sweet Success nurse. Paige Sales, MPH, RD, CDE (pictured right) is the Sweet Success dietitian. Together, they partner with you to manage your diagnosis, and work toward the best pregnancy outcomes.

“It’s so important to be proactive about gestational diabetes. It can be overwhelming when you hear about possible complications, but we’ll be there to help you break it down into manageable changes that you can make to your lifestyle to reduce those risks, and help you prevent pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes in you or your offspring. Paige and I are a dietitian and nurse team, so you’ll have comprehensive support every step of the way.”

– Martha Amparan, RNC-OB, CDE, Sweet Success

What Does Sweet Success Look Like?

Our Sweet Success program has been a California Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (CDAPP) affiliate for more than 30 years.

Your Sweet Success team partners with you to determine your risks, make a plan for changes to your diet and other lifestyle factors to reduce those risks, and help you monitor your diabetes throughout your pregnancy.

We provide nutrition education and guidance throughout your entire pregnancy, regular blood glucose monitoring, and medication education if needed.

Managing diabetes during pregnancy is so important. We will work together to avoid complications including: macrosomia (high infant birth weight), increased risk of birth trauma, increased risk of newborn admission for control of blood sugar, potential birth defects, type 2 diabetes later in life for women with a history of gestational diabetes.

Your Sweet Success team will help you plan lifestyle changes and put them into practice to reduce those risks.

Who Will Benefit from Sweet Success?

Our program can help women who are considering getting pregnant and those who have already conceived.

  • Women who have prediabetes, or diabetes and want to become pregnant
  • Women who have prediabetes or diabetes and are already pregnant
  • Women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes

If this is you, our support team can help you start managing your diagnosis immediately.

Please note that our program is by physician referral. If you think you would benefit from Sweet Success, please talk to you doctor about a referral. Most insurance carriers cover Sweet Success.

We look forward to working with you!