Meet Your Robotic Surgery Team

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Meet Your Robotic Surgery Team

The Robotic Surgery program at Huntington Hospital includes a team of advanced robotic surgeons.

Dr. Armen Dikranian, Medical Director of Robotic Surgery, Chief of Surgery at Huntington Hospital

Dr. Gabriel Akopian

Dr. Magdi Alexander

Dr. Laurie Brunette

Dr. Robbin Cohen

Dr. Seth A. Cohen

Dr. Loretta Erhunmwunsee

Dr. Melissa Grier

Dr. Andrew J. Hung

Dr. Howard Kaufman

Dr. Anthony Kim

Dr. Jae Kim

Dr. Stephen Lee

Dr. Aaron G. Lewis

Dr. Paul Lin

Dr. David J. Lourie

Dr. David Martin

Dr. Michael Mitri

Dr. Isaac Benjamin Paz

Dr. Huyen Q. Pham

Dr. Wes Powell

Dr. Dan Raz

Dr. Anya Rose

Dr. Kristina Wittig

Dr. Annie Yessaian