COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing

We have included information about COVID-19 test and COVID-19 antibody test access, as well as some FAQs on this page. In addition, we include a dashboard reporting the results of our limited inpatient and outpatient COVID-19 tests to date.

Hospitalized COVID-19 Positive Patients

This dashboard is updated on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.

Huntington Hospital has been testing for COVID-19 along CDC guidelines to include high-risk individuals, those who are very ill and require hospital care, healthcare providers and other high-likelihood individuals due to known exposures. The number of positive patients may not indicate overall prevalence of COVID-19 in the outside community.

COVID-19 Testing

1. Is Huntington Hospital providing COVID-19 tests?

Yes, we are testing every patient in the hospital.

We are also providing limited testing at our outpatient facility, with a doctor’s order and appointment.

See more information below on access to testing.

2. Where are COVID-19 tests provided?

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 or visit the nearest Emergency Room.

Testing at Huntington Hospital

  • Huntington Hospital: For patients seeking emergency care or being treated in our hospital, we use a variety of testing channels, including limited in-house testing, to ensure rapid results for our most critical patients. Please note our hospital does not accept walk-in testing appointments.
  • Outpatient testing: Huntington Hospital has an outpatient facility that is providing testing, by appointment, for patients with an order from their primary care physician. Call your physician for details. Tests at our outpatient location are processed by independent commercial labs and we cannot influence the speed of test result returns. Test results will be returned to the ordering physician; if you are awaiting test results please contact your physician directly.
    • If you do not have a primary care doctor and need to seek medical advice, please note our partner physician group Huntington Health Physicians (HHP) is now offering Telehealth Services and may be able to take new patients. Click here to learn more about HHP Telehealth Services.

Testing in the Community

Below are some other options for getting a COVID-19 test. Please call your primary care physician as a first step. We are reviewing this information daily to provide you accurate information, but please refer to the organization’s website for the most up-to-date information.

  • Exer Urgent Care, our urgent care affiliate, is providing testing and telehealth services from their Pasadena and La Canada locations. With a referral through Exer’s VirtualCare Portal, testing kits are used to provide patient results within 1-5 days. Learn more about Exer VirtualCare here. Please note that the hospital does not control this channel and test result timing may vary.
  • Los Angeles County Drive-Up Mobile Testing: LA County has testing locations throughout the city for all residents. Click to view this LA County Testing flyer. For additional information, please visit the LA County COVID-19 page.
  • Pasadena Public Health Department lists additional community testing centers on their website.

3. How long will test results take?

  • With the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a strain on labs for test results.
  • We are working with several labs, as well as using our own limited in-house testing for high-risk patients. If we had unlimited supplies for in-house testing this would be our preferred channel, but at this time we do not so we rely on our multiple lab partners.
  • Thank you for your patience, we know this is a difficult time to wait on getting an answer.

4. What does it mean if you have a positive test result?

If you have a positive test result, it is likely that you have or previously had COVID-19, and that you have developed antibody response to the virus. Dr. Kimberly Shriner will give you a call and follow-up with you.

5. What does it mean if you have a negative test result?

A negative test result means that the antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 were not found in your sample. A negative result may occur if you are tested early in your illness and your body hasn’t had time to produce antibodies to infection.

However, it is possible for this test to give a negative result that is incorrect (false negative) in some people with COVID-19 infection.

Antibody Testing

Our hospital has recently begun a serologic testing program to identify individuals who have been exposed to or recovered from coronavirus infection and have potentially protective antibodies. If you have completely recovered from COVID-19, have been symptom free for a minimum of 10 days, please check with your physician to see if you qualify for antibody testing. Note: Antibody testing requires a referral and prescription. Testing is not free.

Exer Urgent Care Pasadena and Exer La Cañada Flintridge are also providing antibody testing. Visit to learn how to get tested.

Donating Plasma

Protective antibody infusions are a well-established method to treat a variety of infections.  Current studies are showing its benefit for patients critically ill with COVID 19.  Like many factors associated with this pandemic, there is a shortage of CCP available for use.  If you are positive for COVID-19 antibodies, your CCP can be used to help these patients.  Please contact your local Red Cross about eligibility to donate plasma for CCP use:

COVID-19 VACCINE: We are providing limited community vaccination in partnership with Pasadena Public Health. Please do not call, we cannot schedule vaccine appointments. Find resources for vaccination here.   >> VACCINE INFO