Cancer Support Services

An unrivaled patient support program including integrative oncology and more.

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Cancer Center Support Services

We are proud to offer an unrivaled patient support program, including care coordination from day one and a support services program that provides an extensive network of free or low-cost services to all patients with a cancer diagnosis.  Our support services include our renowned Integrative Oncology program, support groups and more.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about any of the support services listed here (626) 397-2524. 

Integrative Oncology Program

The Huntington Hospital Cancer Center was founded on the philosophy of a whole-person, patient-centered approach to cancer care. Our Integrative Oncology program provides patients with a range of complementary services designed to support them through each phase of their cancer treatment.

Learn more about our Integrative Oncology program.

Cancer Support Groups

We host a number of support groups for those newly diagnosed with cancer and their families.

  • Lung Cancer Support Group (held virtually, call 626-397-5078 for information)
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group (held virtually, call 626-397-5078 for information)
  • Lymphedema Support Group (not meeting at this time due to Covid-19)

Appearance Center

The Constance G. Zahorik Appearance Center, located in the Huntington Pavilion, assists patients in dealing with the cosmetic side effects of their cancer treatment.

Learn more about our Appearance Center at the Huntington Cancer Center.

Specialty Care Programs

Cancer Pain and Symptom Management

The Palliative Care Program at Huntington Hospital provides treatment for the relief of cancer symptoms such as pain and treatment-related side effects. The program is led by specially trained registered nurses who work closely with the patient’s physician to improve the patient’s comfort and quality of life during their cancer treatment.

Lymphedema Review Class

Early diagnosis and treatment for lymphedema is important to help reduce symptoms and prevent the condition from progressing. Huntington Hospital offers a patient education class to review the signs, symptoms and risk factors of lymphedema, and to provide information on managing lymphedema and the associated side effects. There is no charge to attend the class.

Genetic Counseling

Over the past several years, inherited factors, or genes, have been identified that can contribute to the development of some forms of breast, ovarian, colorectal and other types of cancer.

The Huntington Hospital Cancer Center offers hereditary cancer risk assessment and genetic counseling to people who are concerned about their personal and/or family history of cancer and risk to other family members.