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Huntington Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Center (CDRC) offers private, high-level care to end cycle of addiction

Huntington Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Center (CDRC) offers private, high-level care to end cycle of addiction
May 31 2019

Huntington Hospital’s Chemical Dependency Recovery Center (CDRC) now offers both inpatient and outpatient programs to help end the cycle of addiction.

The inpatient recovery program is a medically-supervised detoxification and recovery program using an evidence-based model that provides patients with individually tailored care, designed around each patient’s unique needs and issues and opting for the most cutting-edge and advanced care available. The goal is to help each patient and their family heal from the addictive state, utilizing the most appropriate care plan specific to each patient, ranging from medications assisted treatment, maintenance therapy, relapse prevention medications and even abstinence-based recovery models.

CDRC’s acute medical detox program is located in a very private, designated and separate medical unit and provides the highest level of care possible in terms of detox services rendered. Huntington Hospital is the only major hospital in the Los Angeles area that currently provides this service to patients.

“It is both heartbreaking and overwhelming to see a friend or family member face addiction,” said Alix Nassiri, DO, medical director of CRDC at Huntington Hospital. “Our expert, addiction-medicine physicians and nurses offer the most current, evidence-based practices to ensure you have the safest and most comfortable care. Our goal is to provide our patients and their loved ones with the tools for lifelong recovery.”

As treatment begins, a safe withdrawal will be the primary concern of your medical team. Physicians collaborate with the treatment team to ensure patients receive the best medical care possible when progressing through the detoxification phase of treatment. The nursing staff will closely monitor vital signs, symptoms, medication dosing, sleep patterns and nutritional intake, among other key aspects of your care.

CDRC’s outpatient program also provides screening and treatment for adult psychiatric and or for those with substance and alcohol use disorder patients experiencing mild to severe symptoms. This includes patients who recently have been discharged from inpatient settings, detox or those at risk for psychiatric hospitalization, and others who can benefit from ongoing outpatient psychiatric or addiction treatment.

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