History of Huntington Hospital

Our mission is simple: build a healthier community. It’s what we’ve been doing for nearly 130 years, and today we’re doing it in more ways than ever before.

History Of Huntington Hospital

Compassionate Community Care For Years To Come

Huntington Hospital, located at the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare and emergency services to the members of our community. Only six years younger than Pasadena itself, our hospital has grown with the community we serve. Today, we continue to enhance the services and programs that make us the caregiver of choice for people in the San Gabriel Valley. For nearly 130 years, we have provided compassionate community care, and we’ll be there every step of the way in the years to come.

  • 1892

    1892 Pasadena Hospital Association

    A group of prominent local citizens forms the Pasadena Hospital Association.
  • 1899

    1899 Temporary Hospital


    A temporary hospital opens with 16 bed at the northwest corner of Raymond Avenue and Green Street.

  • 1900

    1900 Committee appointed


    A committee was appointed to raise funds to build and endow a permanent hospital building.

  • 1902

    1902 Pasadena Hospital opens


    The 26-bed Pasadena Hospital opens on the present site of Huntington Hospital.

  • 1907

    1907 Operating Room


    The hospital now includes a maternity wing, a medical wing, and this “complete and convenient operating room.”

  • 1926

    1926 Volunteer program


    Huntington Hospital’s volunteer program begins. Today, more than 1,400 volunteers provide assistance hospital-wide.

  • 1936

    1936 Henry E Huntington


    A $2 million gift from the estate of Henry E. Huntington allows the hospital to thrive despite the Great Depression.

  • 1955

    1955 Medicine Residency program


    Huntington Hospital launches our Internal Medicine Residency program in 1955, followed by Surgical Residency Program in 1957.

  • 1957

    1957 Maternity Wing


    Huntington Hospital opens a new maternity wing, thanks to a generous gift from Edward R. Valentine.

  • 1964

    1964 Wingate Building


    The Wingate Building – housing one of the nation’s first intensive care units – opens at Huntington Hospital.