Medical Staff Department, Section and Committee Chairs

2015 – 2016

Executive Committee Members
President James Shankwiler, MD
President Elect Christopher Hedley, MD
Secretary/Treasurer Harry Bowles, MD
Chair, Credentials Committee Thomas Vander Laan, MD
Chair, Quality Management Gregory Giesler, MD
Chair, Dept. of Medicine Peter Rosenberg, M.D.
Chair, Dept. of OB/GYN Jonathan Tam, MD
Chair, Dept. of Pediatrics Mark Powell, MD
Chair, Dept. of Surgery Steven Battaglia, MD
Department Chair Elect
Credentials Madhu Anvekar, MD
Quality Management David Lourie, MD
Medicine Syeda Ali, MD
OB/GYN Kathy Walker, MD
Pediatrics John Rodarte, MD
Surgery Howard Kaufman, MD
Department Section Chairs Vice Chair
Anesthesia Matthew Hart, MD
Cardiology Babak Tashakkor, MD
Critical Care Mark Kroe, MD Ashish Patel, MD
Emergency Medicine Douglas Willard, MD David Ulick, MD
ENT Ted Shen, MD K. Kay Durairaj, MD
Gastroenterology Julie Yang, MD
General Surgery Magdi Alexander, MD
Hematology/Oncology Yi-Kong Keung, MD Evangelia Kirimis, MD
Neurosurgery Ian Ross, MD
Neurology Yafa Minazad, DO
Ophthalmology Alfred Solish, MD Michael Burnstine, MD
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Robert Lytle, DDS
Orthopedic Todd Dietrick, MD Charles Resnick, MD
Plastic Surgery Daniel Casper, MD Christopher Tiner, MD
Psychiatry Dirk De Brito, MD Clifford Feldman, MD
Pulmonary D. Mark Kroe, MD
Radiology/Nuclear Medicine Christopher Hedley, MD Jon Foran, MD
Thoracic Surgery McFadden/Cohen Co-Chairs
Trauma Amal Obaid, MD
Urology Armen Dikranian, MD Michael Bishai, MD
Department Committee Chairs
Bariatrics David Lourie, MD
Bioethics Nathan Lewis, MD
Bylaws Glenn Littenberg, MD
Cancer Howard Kaufman, MD
Continuing Medical Education John Van Dyke, MD
Endovascular Babak Yaghmai, MD
Graduate Medical Education Kimberly Shriner, MD
Infection Control David Man, MD
Interdisciplinary Practice George Matsuda, MD
Pharmacy, Therapeutics & Diet Roger Yang, MD
Robotic Armen Dikranian, MD
Spine (rotates annually) Igor Fineman, MD (2015)
(one year only)
Transfusion William Allen, MD
Well Being Todd Hutton, MD