Joint Replacement Surgery FAQ

We publish a downloadable Patient Joint Guide with important information about your surgery.

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We have also included some resource information about joint replacement surgery at Huntington Hospital.

Femoral Nerve Block

An added bonus for Huntington patients undergoing joint replacement surgery is femoral nerve block anesthesia. By blocking the femoral nerve and feeding medication directly to the source of pain, patients have quicker recovery periods and less post-surgical discomfort. They are usually able to get up easier and begin walking sooner - enhancing the surgical outcome.

Computer Assisted Joint Replacement

Huntington Hospital has the highest level of experience in this advanced field of medicine and currently offers computer assisted joint replacement surgery, featuring the Navitrack Navigation System. This offers patients greater precision than ever before when it comes to joint position accuracy.

Huntington Hospital is one of the few facilities in Southern California that offers hip replacement surgery utilizing an anterior approach. This is performed on a modified surgical table, allowing surgeons to make shorter incisions and no muscle cutting. Many patients' recovery times are nearly cut in half when the anterior approach is used and virtually all patients enjoy a faster return to function.

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