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Our renowned Orthopedics Department includes expert staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques. We offer patients the most comprehensive and awarded orthopedic care available in the San Gabriel Valley.

Whether treating a painful fractured hip or repairing damage to the delicate bones of the human hand, our commitment to providing individual attention and ensuring patient satisfaction has inspired U.S. News and the Joint Commission to recognize us as a leader in orthopedic care. Our orthopedic unit includes a team of dedicated and highly skilled orthopedic physicians, along with a full team of specially trained nurses, therapists, and affiliated professionals. Our unique case management system ensures that follow-up, home care and aftercare needs are met.

From prompt and precise diagnosis through caring treatment and recovery, the orthopedic specialists at Huntington Hospital are the region's caregivers of choice.

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Orthopedic Services at Huntington Hospital

Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement
Through advances in orthopedic surgery and artificial joint technology, orthopedic surgeons are now able to replace immobile or painful joints with metal or metal-and-plastic prostheses. Each year, orthopedic surgeons here carry out hundreds of knee and hip replacement procedures, and their expertise helps ensure optimal outcomes for their patients.

Computer Assisted Joint Replacement
Huntington Hospital has the highest level of experience in this advanced field of medicine and currently offers computer assisted joint replacement surgery, featuring the Navitrack Navigation System. This offers patients greater precision than ever before when it comes to joint position accuracy.

Huntington Hospital is one of the few facilities in Southern California that offers hip replacement surgery utilizing an anterior approach. This is performed on a modified surgical table, allowing surgeons to make shorter incisions and no muscle cutting. Many patients' recovery times are nearly cut in half when the anterior approach is used and virtually all patients enjoy a faster return to function.

Femoral Nerve Block
Another added bonus for Huntington patients undergoing joint replacement surgery is femoral nerve block anesthesia. By blocking the femoral nerve and feeding medication directly to the source of pain, patients have quicker recovery periods and less post-surgical discomfort. They are usually able to get up easier and begin walking sooner - enhancing the surgical outcome.

Before and After Joint Replacement Surgery
Huntington Hospital's unique presurgical preparation and aftercare programs ensure that patients receive the information needed prior to surgery, and the aftercare needed to return to an active, healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. Our Joint Replacement Class, for example, is staffed by members of the hospital's joint replacement team, who guide patients through the replacement process and answer any questions they may have. Aftercare programs include coordinated physical therapy, diet and nutrition consultation and individualized preparation for the return home.

Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Orthopedic surgeons at Huntington Hospital treat the numbness, pain and weakness of carpal tunnel syndrome through a procedure called carpal tunnel release. This minimally invasive procedure releases pressure on nerves and restores hand functioning. The carpal tunnel release procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and patients typically have full use of the hand in approximately four weeks.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Repair
Minimally invasive surgical procedures allow surgeons to reconstruct a torn or damaged ACL without opening the knee. Several small incisions allow physicians to insert tiny surgical instruments and miniature video equipment into the joint. The damaged portion of the ACL is removed, and a healthy segment of ligament, taken from a donor or from another part of the patient's own body, is carefully attached.

Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI)
Huntington orthopedic surgeons also performed autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), a new procedure ideal for younger patients (50 and under) who have suffered traumatic cartilage injury. This is a staged procedure in which cartilage cells are harvested in the first stage and then re-implanted into the area of injury. Not only does the new cartilage flourish, but the undergoing the procedure usually curbs the life-long pain associated with osteoarthritis typically suffered by patients who have sustained cartilage injury.

Spine Program

The Spine Program at Huntington Hospital is the leading center for comprehensive spine care. Huntington offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options. Learn more about the Spine Program at Huntington Hospital.

Rehabilitation and Aftercare

Huntington Hospital's Orthopedic Department offers rehabilitation and aftercare to meet the individual needs of recovering orthopedic patients, on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Skilled physical and occupational therapists support patients on the road to recovery with a program of specialized rehabilitation and aftercare in a premier rehabilitation unit and gymnasium.