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To deliver on our commitment to become the most comprehensive pulmonary disease and lung cancer-treatment facility in our region, we partner with the most qualified, highly-trained physicians and invest in leading edge facilities and technology to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

We are proud to offer superDimension, a new, minimally invasive procedure to help patients with pulmonary disease (including cancer of the lung).

How Does it Work?

super dimension diagnostic machine

Often referred to by experts as “GPS-guided bronchoscopy,” superDimension is designed to extend the reach of traditional bronchoscopy.

  • The patient’s chest CT-scan is pre-loaded onto a computer creating a virtual “roadmap” of the lungs.
  • During the procedure, a bronchoscope is placed through the patient’s mouth and into the airways of the lungs.
  • superDimension uses a GPS-like technology, Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy or "ENB"
  • The physician uses the ENB as a guide through the patient’s natural airways using a small camera and tiny instruments to collect tissue samples.
  • Specialized 3D technology overlays the CT image on the patient’s actual body position to guide and track.


Until now, physicians have relied on needle biopsy or surgery to take tissue samples – both of which can cause complications.

superDimension technology allows the physician to take tissue samples in regions of the lung that are not reachable with traditional bronchoscopy, and enables us to make early diagnoses of both benign and malignant lung lesions, enhancing treatment options and potentially avoiding the need for higher risk procedures at a later date.

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