Lung Cancer

lung cancer physicians

Expert Care, Personal Attention

Our multidisciplinary team of medical experts is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Our team is focuses on the individual needs of our patients and their families, and we are committed to delivering extraordinary clinical care with leading edge technology in a personalized and supportive environment.

Contact us for more information at (626) 397-2524. The Huntington Hospital Lung Cancer Program is located in the Cancer Center at the Huntington Pavilion. To learn about low- or no-cost lung cancer screenings, visit

Meet Your Care Team

Lung Cancer Doctors

Our specialized team is led by Medical Director Dr. Robbin Cohen. Many of our staff are associated with university medical centers and prestigious institutions such as City of Hope, USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and Hospital, and UCLA Medical Center.

Our association with these organizations ensures patients are receiving the highest level of quality treatment and the most sophisticated medical therapies available.

You may have the following on your team:

  • Thoracic Surgeon: A physician who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of cancer and other diseases of the chest.
  • Medical Oncologist: A Physician who treats cancer with use of medications and chemotherapy agents.
  • Radiation Oncologist: A Physician who treats cancer with use of radiation therapy.
  • Pulmonologist: A Physician who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of lung problems.
  • Radiologist: A Physician who uses radiographic imaging in cancer diagnosis. This includes X-rays, CT scans, MRI, and PET scans.
  • Pathologist: A Physician who analysis tissues removed by biopsy or surgery in order to diagnose and stage cancer and other diseases.
  • RN Navigator: A Registered Nurse who assists patients and their families by offering education, support and coordination of services in the process of diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Symptom Management Care Coordinator: A Registered Nurse who manages symptoms associated with disease and treatment of cancer.
  • Research Nurse: A Registered Nurse who administers and provides nursing care to participants involved in clinical trials.
  • Social Worker: A licensed professional available to assist patients and families with supportive counseling, and community resources.
  • Registered Dietitian: Coordinates a nutritional plan on individual basis according to specific patient needs.

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