Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy is a form of local treatment for breast cancer. Radiation is almost always required after lumpectomy and sometimes is recommended after mastectomy. Studies have shown that radiation therapy markedly improves local control of breast cancer and also improves survival rates.

The Huntington Cancer Center Radiation Oncology department is committed to provide the newest state-of-the-art radiation therapy treatment options in a caring and compassionate environment.

We have radiation oncologists who specialize in breast cancer treatment and the most advanced treatment equipment available. Our department is experienced in external beam radiation as well as breast brachytherapy. External beam radiotherapy delivers radiation using a linear accelerator. External beam radiation can deliver partial breast irradiation, whole breast radiation and radiation to the regional lymphatics as prescribed by your radiation oncologist. Breast brachytherapy, also known as accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI), is delivered with a high dose rate radiation source that treats the lumpectomy site with a device inserted into the lumpectomy cavity. Your surgeon and radiation oncologist will help you chose the radiation option that is best suited for you.

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The Huntington Radiation Oncology Department is a team of professionals to manage your treatment plan. We are staffed with board certified radiation oncologists, radiation physicists, radiation therapists and radiation oncology nursing. We work closely together to create a radiation treatment plan which will reduce radiation exposure to adjacent normal tissue such as heart and lung.

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The Huntington Radiation Oncology Department is committed to supporting the breast cancer patient and the family throughout treatment and beyond. Nurse navigators will be supporting you throughout your radiation treatments and we have an oncology certified dietician available as needed. Our oncology certified social worker can provide counseling and psychosocial support and we have a support group for breast cancer patients.

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