Your Treatment Options

What to do if you are diagnosed with breast cancer

It is important to remember breast cancer is very treatable. The goal of treatment is a cure, as well as quality of life.

A Nurse Navigator will contact you within 24 hours of your breast cancer diagnosis. Our specialists will evaluate your individual situation to help you make an informed decision about the best treatment plan for you.

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Your First Consultation

Your Registered Nurse Navigator will help you arrange to bring with you copies of your imaging (mammogram, ultrasound, MRI, usually on a CD with the reports) and a copy of your pathology report.

Please bring the bottles of all of your medications you take, both by doctor’s prescription and over the counter. This includes vitamins and herbal products. The bottle should indicate the name of the medication, the dose you take, and how often you take it.

Also, please be sure to bring your insurance card, a photo ID and, if you have more than one insurance provider, please bring both cards.

Prepare Ahead of Time

  • Write down any questions you may have.
  • Bring a pen and notebook with you to take notes.
  • Arrange for a friend or family member to come with you. You will be given a lot of information and it’s helpful to have someone else listen, take notes and provide support.

Steps in the Cancer Journey

Diagnosis – Treatment – Follow-Up Care

Your treatment plan will depend on the location, size and growth rate of the cancer in your body. It is normal to want to take immediate action, but it is essential – and safe –to gather detailed information first to make an accurate diagnosis.

Advanced diagnostic medical imaging includes:

  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI

Leading-Edge Treatment Options

We are one of the area’s premiere breast cancer facilities. Our specialists are highly experienced in the most advanced breast cancer treatments. We will give you the best possible care in an uplifting and supportive environment.

Surgical treatments include lumpectomy, mastectomy, and advanced oncoplasty and microvascular techniques for conserving breast tissue and achieving beautiful aesthetic results.

Our radiation oncology program is unique in that each radiation oncologist specializes in treating a specific tumor site.

Your treatment options include:

“There is always someone there for you at the Breast Center when you are freaking out. There’s a lot of freaking out during breast cancer. Your hair, your skin, you’re losing too much weight ... someone was always there for me.”

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