Huntington Hospital brings Stop the Bleed training to over 90 local teachers, school nurses and staff at Pasadena Unified School District's (PUSD) professional development day

April 3, 2019

Michelle Baker, RN, Huntington Hospital, instructs Alma Juarez, community assistant at Madison Elementary School, how to control bleeding in a traumatic injury at Stop the Bleed training session at PUSD’s Development Day.

On April 1, Huntington Hospital nurses provided Stop the Bleed training at Pasadena Unified School District’s Professional Development Day at Pasadena High School. Stop the Bleed is an educational session where people receive hands-on demonstrations and information about how to use tourniquets and control bleeding in traumatic injuries. The nurses trained PUSD teachers, administration, school nurses and staff in three different sessions for a total of over 90 participants. The program, which was also supported by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, brought to light the need for this type of training for school employees.

"With 28 school sites and 16,000 students attending school each day in PUSD, it is our goal to prepare all employees to respond to emergencies,” said Ann Rector, director, health programs department, PUSD. “PUSD appreciates the commitment of Huntington Hospital to train our employees in Stop the Bleed. They are a valued partner.”

Although the likelihood of someone being involved in an active shooter event is very slim (approximately 1%), the chances of someone being involved in an everyday occurring emergency (e.g., motor vehicle crashes, power tool accidents, etc.) or even an earthquake is much higher. “Severe bleeding can quickly turn fatal – so we want to give time for EMS or other public safety providers to arrive,” says Michelle Baker, RN, Huntington Hospital. “The person closest to you may be the only one who can stop the bleed. This training can help everyone – from an experienced physician to an elementary school teacher – learn how they can help stop or control an actively bleeding injury.”

Huntington Hospital’s Stop the Bleed program is funded by proceeds from the Fall Food & Wine Festival, held every October. To schedule Stop the Bleed training at your organization, please email: