Huntington Memorial Hospital Celebrates Grand Opening of OBED

September 30, 2015

Jennifer Castaldo, associate chief nurse executive and clinical director, maternal child health services and James Barber, MD, cut the ribbon for the new OBED at Huntington Hospital.

(from left-right) James Macer, MD, Laura Sirott, MD, Patrick Sutton, MD and Paula Verrette, MD, senior vice president quality and physician services attend the opening of Huntington Hospital’s OBED.

Huntington Memorial Hospital's Maternal Child Health Services recently celebrated the grand opening of the new OBED. An OBED is an emergency department area dedicated solely to obstetrical patients presenting to the hospital for care. In an OBED, pregnant women are rapidly seen and evaluated by a board certified obstetrician. Within 30-minutes, a medical screening is performed, and the patient’s disposition determined. Huntington Hospital’s OBED is staffed 24/7 by the board certified OB laborists program.

Huntington Hospital’s OBED and laborist program was a vision shared by Paula Verrette, MD, senior vice president, quality and physician services and James Macer, MD, board certified OB/GYN. Because of their dedication, and the commitment of the entire Maternal Child Health Services department, Huntington Hospital patients now have immediate access to the best obstetric surgical care possible for emergency life-saving surgeries for mother and baby.