Our physicians work closely with our hospitalists at Huntington Hospital to ensure continuity of care for our patients admitted to the hospital.

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is an internal medicine physician who specializes in care for hospitalized patients. Think of them at your doctor while you are in the hospital. They work closely with your physician to ensure you receive the best possible care while hospitalized, and after discharge.

Our Hospitalists

  • Alipsha Adrangui, MD
  • Madhu Anvekar, MD
  • Boris Arutyunov, MD
  • John Carmody, MD
  • Christopher Dagher, MD
  • Joseph Dellinger, MD
  • David Fischel, DO
  • Olga Garshyna, MD
  • Michael Jang, MD
  • Shant Kazazian, MD
  • Imran Khan, MD
  • Jooyeon Kim, MD
  • Jamen Kurtyka, MD
  • Haad Mahmood, MD
  • Mia Mattioli, MD
  • Alan Moazzam, MD
  • Hengameh Monsef, DO
  • Artin Nazarian, MD
  • Boris Pearlman, MD
  • James Tribe, MD