We offer a wide range of Internal Medicine and Surgery Clerkships throughout our calendar year beginning in August and ending in May. Students work under the direct supervision of the attending physician, as well as the resident(s).

Please note: unfortunately we do not accept international medical students for any of our clerkship program.

The application period for our Clerkships opens May 1st, 2017 and closes December 31st, 2018.

If you have any additional questions about the Clerkship Programs, please send us an email.

Internal Medicine Clerkship

We accept third and fourth year medical students from Keck/USC for participation in our Internal Medicine rotation.

Clerkships offered to fourth year medical students from U.S. Medical schools are:

  1. MICU
  2. Gastroenterology
  3. Cardiology
  4. Renal

General Surgery Clerkship

The surgical clerkship for fourth year medical students at Huntington Hospital offers a broad exposure in the practice of general surgery as practiced in a large community hospital. There is opportunity also to visit the offices of the surgeons, so that continuity of care in the pre-hospital and post-hospital setting can be observed, as well as care in the hospital.

The clerkship would be helpful for a student trying to make up his/her mind regarding a career choice. Also, would be very helpful for a student trying to decide upon resident training in surgery in a program based in a large community hospital affiliated with a medical school.

  • Clerks are assigned to a general surgery service under the immediate direction of a resident.
  • He or she will function as a clerk, but as part of the resident team caring for the patient.
  • There will be opportunity to do histories and physical examination on the preoperative patients, to participate in operation, and to follow the patients after surgery. The clerk can expect to see all the common general surgical procedures in a one-month rotation.
  • Clerks will take on-call rotation in association with the resident. During these calls, the clerk will see all the common emergencies seen by the general surgeon, and also common trauma patients cared for by the general surgeon. Huntington Hospital is a Level II trauma hospital in the LA County regional system.
  • The clerk will also participate in all the educational conferences for the residents and may even be required to make a case presentation at various conferences.

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