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Our programs.

Huntington Senior Care Network is committed to providing free or low-cost programs to the community to help seniors and caregivers find services, coordinate care and live independently.

For information about any of our programs, please call (626) 397-3110 or (800) 664-4664 or click here to send us a message.

50+ Health Connection membership program.

50+ Health Connection is Huntington Hospital Senior Care Network's free membership program that helps community residents age 50 and over save money and keep up to date on health issues.

Free membership also offers education, support and information including:

  • Caregiver education and support.
  • Support visits during hospital stays from volunteers who provide information and post-stay follow-up.
  • Our newsletter with information and tips on staying healthy.

Click to see the most recent issue of the 50+ Health Connection newsletter.

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Care coordination program.

Huntington Senior Care Network community-based care coordination programs help adults and older adults with disabilities live as safely and independently as possible. They also assist family caregivers. Our care coordinators are expertly trained and experienced bachelor’s and master’s degree social workers and nurses. Most services are free to eligible participants. In some instances, a fee is charged.

Our programs include:

To download an ALW pre-screening application, click here

Featured services.

  • Assist with solving care problems.
  • Help connect to resources such as personal care, meals, housekeeping and transportation.
  • Coordinate service delivery and monitor progress.
  • Educate about managing hospital stays and returning home.
  • Assist with changes in living arrangements when needed.
  • Serve as a representative for out-of-area families and alert them to problems.

Our Accolades