Randy Huston kept an eye on his health and received regular check-ups with his physician, but for years his heart murmur was something he did not think about very much. He had learned about it when he was 24, but it was not until 2018 that he started to notice some worrying symptoms, including feeling short of breath when walking up any kind of incline. Randy knew it was time to talk to his cardiologist about treatment options.

After their conversation and additional analysis of Randy’s condition, the cardiologist determined that Randy was a good candidate for TAVR. This eliminates the need for a large chest incision — and the patient does not need to be placed on a heart-lung machine during the procedure.

Randy had heard about Azhil (Alex) Durairaj, MD’s expertise in performing TAVR. Dr. Durairaj, who is Huntington Hospital’s medical director of cardiovascular services, co-led the team that performed the very first TAVR procedure in the San Gabriel Valley and he has gone on to help many more patients using this surgical technique.

Shortly after the procedure at Huntington Hospital, Randy returned home. There have been no complications. In fact, he reports, he was happily playing golf just five days after surgery. “I’m very pleased with the care I received,” he says. In addition to underscoring Dr. Durairaj’s skill, he praises the attentive support of Sue Duquette, the physician assistant for our TAVR program. “She helped spearhead the process for me with great efficiency,” he says, adding, “The entire staff there was courteous, thorough and very professional.”

“This was the first time I ever had surgery,” Randy says, “and I’ll tell anyone who asks what excellent care I got. I’d like to give a big, capitalized THANK YOU to everyone at the hospital. I know I made the right choice by going there.”