Labor & Delivery and NICU


Expectant parents Hillary and Sam Froerer had no reason to believe there would be any problems with their baby. Both of them were young and healthy. Hillary had become pregnant easily and there had been no complications during her pregnancy.

Oliver was born at full term but, right from the start, it was clear something was wrong. Our clinicians noted he was having trouble breathing and he was rushed to our NICU for care. There, he received prompt treatment for pneumonia (developed in utero), jaundice and hypoglycemia. Our caregivers gently inserted the tiny tubes that would help Oliver breathe and eat, until he could do so on his own. They carefully monitored his airflow, heart rate and glucose levels, and initiated light therapy to treat his jaundice.

Hillary praises the attentive care of Jamie Powers, MD, medical director of neonatology, and the NICU team. “No one wants their kid to be in the NICU,” she says, “but the staff did a great job comforting us and answering all our questions. They helped us get through it.”

Seven days after Oliver was born, he was already healthy enough to go home with his parents, thanks to the efficient work of his care team. He continues to do well now: He has no residual health problems, is happy, smiling and continues to eat well and gain weight as he should. “I’m so grateful to Huntington Hospital,” Hillary says. “Oliver got all the attention he needed. In the future, we wouldn’t go anywhere else.”