Marg Blasiar


Marg Blasiar

Marg Blasiar visited Linda Hillier, MD, a doctor at Huntington Health Physicians, for what she anticipated would be a routine physical exam. During the visit, though, Dr. Hiller found a lump in Marg’s breast. She ordered a mammogram and biopsy. Test results confirmed it was cancer.

“It was scary,” Marg says. “I have a lot of friends who have had cancer,” she adds. “It’s not a club you want to belong to.”

Marg decided to undergo surgery, performed by Jeannie Shen, MD, at Huntington Hospital to remove the cancer. Her oncologist, Steven Applebaum, MD, carefully oversaw her care, which also included four rounds of chemotherapy at Huntington Cancer Center, followed by radiation treatment under the supervision of Ruth Williamson, MD, medical director of breast cancer services.

“The staff members were wonderful,” she says. “They are extremely attentive.”

While the treatment process was taxing, Marg says she “couldn’t have been more pleased” with the expert, compassionate care she received. “They helped alleviate my fears of the unknown,” she adds.

Marg is also grateful that she had access to both high-quality traditional medical care and a broad array of supportive services.

Tina Ivie, a RN navigator at Huntington Cancer Center, guided Marg through the options available to help her. While Marg was undergoing chemotherapy, she took advantage of acupuncture services — which have been shown to help relieve some of the side effects of cancer treatment. She also met with a licensed cosmetologist, who helped her look and feel her best. She practiced yoga and received nutrition guidance from a registered dietitian. These and other services are all provided on our own healthcare campus.

“I can’t say enough great things about Huntington Cancer Center,” says Marg, who is now cancer free. “The doctors and staff are thorough, tenacious and caring, and the resources available there are truly amazing.”